Years 11 and 12 Curriculum

Churchie offer Senior School students 29 subjects from which to choose six in Years 11 and 12. When commencing Year 11, students select a course of study which consists of authority subjects, authority registered subjects and subjects with elements of vocational education.

A student must complete 20 semester units of credit in authority subjects to be eligible for an Overall Position (OP). A unit of credit is awarded for each completed semester of a subject.

At Churchie, English is compulsory as is either Mathematics A or Mathematics B.  Students then select four additional subjects from the following:

  • Accounting 
  • Agricultural Science
  • Ancient History  
  • Biology
  • Chemistry 
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • Drama 
  • Earth Science 
  • Economics 
  • Engineering Technology 
  • Film, Television and New Media
  • French 
  • Geography 
  • Information Processing and Technology 
  • Japanese 
  • Mathematics C 
  • Mathematics B 
  • Mathematics A 
  • Modern History 
  • Music 
  • Music Extension (Year 12 only) 
  • Physics 
  • Physical Education 
  • Technology Studies
  • Visual Art.

Vocational Education Program

There are also a range of Authority-Registered subjects which Churchie students can study, in conjunction with the Authority (OP) subjects listed above.  These are:

  • Science in Practice
  • Business Studies
  • Recreation
  • Manufacturing.

The Vocational Education Pathways Program offers courses that give students valuable industry experience and pre-vocational qualifications through TAFE and school-based apprenticeships and traineeships.

Churchie students can complete a Certificate III qualification in conjunction with their school-based studies. This qualification is recognised by the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) for further study at a Queensland university or TAFE.

Leadership Development

In addition to Student Leadership Development Training from Year 10 through to Year 12, senior students are able to contribute to the student leadership team through house activities, cocurricular activities, mentoring younger students and/or undertaking duties for the house or School.

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