Social-emotional Development and Outdoor Education

The Social-Emotional Development (SED) program is unique to Churchie and is reflective of the School’s commitment to the value of Emotional Intelligence (EI) for academic success. It exposes boys to a series of physical and intellectual challenges designed to stimulate awareness of themselves, their relationships with others and the various environments in which they work and play. The program is designed to have boys experience competition and cooperation, self and peer assessment, chaotic activity and quiet contemplation. Boys are also introduced to the Four Rs of SED: Relationships, Respect, Resilience and Resolve.

Outdoor Education

This is an integral part of our SED program and is delivered via Outdoor Education (OE) expeditions and camps from 3 days in Year 7 to 5 days in Year 9. The OE Program differs greatly from the more common recreational camps, offering boys new skills set at a level suitable to their abilities. The skills and experiences gained and the relationships established stand boys in good stead as they approach the independent pathways of the Senior School.

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